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Principal's Page

Fannie Williams

Greetings Windsor Elementary School Community,

Windsor Elementary is the place to be and we are so happy that you are a part of our community. This year we are focusing on "Getting in the Way". This means that we get in the way of factors that cause our students to FAIL.  We are committed to setting high standards for teachers and students and working together to ensure all students are successful..  Being a part of this awesome community means that everyone has a part to play and a contribution to give. Our part as educators is to come to work prepared every day to give our students the ultimate learning experience. Our contribution is to work tirelessly and go the extra mile, to make sure all students succeed. 

As an integral part of our learning community, we need parents to "Get in the Way". Get in the Way by making sure homework is done, students read nightly, and that students are well rested in order to do their best at school. Parents can get in the way by monitoring their child's grades, asking questions about assignments, and staying involved in school activities. The most important part you can play as a parent is to fully support Windsor Elementary's vision to make every child great by making sure they are at grade level. The most important contribution you can make is loving and supporting your child and helping them get where they need to be with consistency and high expectations. Get in the way by keeping consistent bedtime rituals and establishing limits for the use of technology when those devices are used for entertainment.

Our goal this year is to raise student achievement for  all students. We can do this together. Lets GET IN THE WAY and STAY IN THE WAY so that our students can overcome any roadblocks that may lead to failure. Together we can make it happen!